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As we know, there is still no head ball coach for the University of Oklahoma. So, what is the latest on the major players? Are there any updates? Well, according to social media feeds, yes there is.

First, the obvious: still no announcement. The wishful thinking buzz was that an announcement may come on the anniversary of Bob’s introduction, Dec 1st, 1998. Or, even more dramatic, it would happen at halftime of the big OU Men’s BB matchup vs #14 Florida.

Local NBC affiliate Brian Brinkley called time on all that:

Still, would’ve been cool to have lightening strike twice on December 1st

Joe C

AD Castiglione has no doubt been one of the busiest people in sports these past few days. His latest sighting was courtside at the OU Men’s BB Game last night vs Florida. He was also spotted chatting with a few OU players.

Caleb Williams

As of this writing, Superman has yet to announce his plans. He, too was seen attending the basketball game, and received a large ovation when shown on the screen.

Bob Stoops

Interim Coach, Permanent Legend, Bob Stoops is still out on the recruiting trail. Another OU Legend, Barry Switzer, posted this excellent tribute last night:

“Bob Stoops isn’t doing this for the money, he’s made plenty of it. He’s doing it because he loves the University of Oklahoma”

WHO’S READY TO SUIT UP FOR THIS MAN RIGHT NOW!!! Also, Chili’s is still where business gets done.

Roy Manning

Speaking of OU coaches out recruiting, we haven’t seen any of Roy Manning since the news broke yesterday about him possibly recruiting for OU and USC at the same time. It remains to be seen what actually went on there.

The Prospects

We really have no idea who Joe C is actually engaging with, so we’re just completely and totally guessing. Here are some possibility the collective OU Twitter brain has come up with, so let’s get a status.

Also, thanks to everyone who cast their vote in the poll. There have been over 700 participating — thank you!! If you haven’t voted, make your pick at the bottom.

Brent Venables

Where in the world is BV? After being spotted on Tuesday out recruiting with Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney, the former OU DC was notably absent from another of Dabo’s recruiting photos Wednesday morning. Drama!!!

He was later spotted a state away…

Matt Rhule

Bruce Feldman is about as solid a national writer as one can get. He was one of, if not the first, to call Riley to USC, and has since offered this up about Rhule. Pretty strong case that Rhule is out.

Dan Lanning

Nothing to report here, unfortunately.


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Other News and Craziness

It appears a local equipment rental company was setting up lighting for an event outside the stadium. An employee tweeted about it, and it set OU Twitter abuzz. Shortly after the pics went viral, the poster WAS NEVER SEEN AGAIN. Joe C has this search Locked. Down. 😬

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