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Wow, great turnout for the poll! Thanks for everyone who participated, plus those who added their write-in candidates in the comments.

With 732(!) votes tallied over the past day, over 60% of the submissions went to a pretty familiar name. See below for the full breakdown.

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Who do you want as the next Head Coach for Oklahoma?

BV The Clear Favorite

Former OU, Current Clemson DC Brent Venables is the clear favorite here. What’s the latest on him? Still out recruiting with Dabo, apparently. As of mid-day today, he is still firmly a Tiger. Unless, that is, he’s gone Rogue Manning.

Rhuled Out?

In second place is the Matt Rhule / Joe Brady option. The Carolina Combo has probably been ruled out, at least the Rhule portion anyway. National Writer Bruce Feldman (who broke Riley to USC on Sunday) said he was most likely out. Feldman is one of the most reliable cfb writers out there.

Dan Lanning

Hardly any discussion of Dan Lanning. Maybe for good reason? Or, maybe because that’s the way Joe C wants it…🤔

Others Receiving Votes

Thanks to everyone who wrote in their picks! Glad to see the particpation. We had the following write-in candidates:

Former TCU HC Gary Patterson

GP and TCU mutually parted ways during the season. Notable for how the guy from Muleshoe came to Patterson’s defense, spouting off about loyalty, blah blah blah.

Former Sooner, Current Volunteer Josh Heupel

6 years ago, this seemed like a no-brainer. Josh and Bob famously split-up, and there are still plenty of hurt feelings. Josh has wandered the desert for a few years, and now after his 1st year in Knoxville, he has things looking up. Would be a mild surprise to get him back.

Dabo Swinney

Hey, a week ago it would be laughable to think Mr Muleshoe would be coaching anywhere but Norman, but here we are. Still seems a stretch though.

Kellen Moore

Current Dallas Cowboys OC an interesting name I’ve not heard mentioned much. That would be interesting. He’s in the middle of a playoff run, so not sure about the timing. Young, talented coordinators with no previous HC experience is common theme in Norman.

Lane Kiffin

The Lane Train!

Others Not Considered?

Cinncinati’s Luke Fickell, Iowa State’s Matt Campbell, among others I didn’t get on the list obviously. Who knows.

Got more? Send in into the comments!

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  1. Why is nobody talking about DeMarco (sp?) Murray? He’s already in Norman, he’s got charisma, credibility, and he’s a great recruiter. What at he lacks in experience maybe he can make up for in recruiting.??

  2. if you are going to go for a home run hire, then you have to call Sabin and offer 6 years/100 million, sets the ground work for the SEC move and probably wins you a Natty I that time

  3. DeMarco Murray is a leader with the Oklahoma football equivalent of rock star pedigree. With the right coordinators, he could generate a lot of excitement and make people forget about Lincoln Riley. It’s a reasonable gamble – certainly no more of one than Stoops once was.


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