Still no announcement from the Sistine Chapel of Norman — OU Memorial Stadium. A nation waits. Ok, we may be stretching things a bit with the Papal analogies, but if there were a smokestack at the stadium for signaling the election of a new Pope, that thing would be billowing like a bbq smoker.

Speaking of, 5 days is probably about the same time Mr Muleshoe cooked this dry-a** brisket.

Lincoln Riley apparently smoked this brisket longer than it took to jump to USC.


And still on the topic of smokers, Travis Davidson had apparently lent some smokers to LR, and never got them back! Taking matters into is own hands, it is good to report the property was safely returned:

What About Roy Manning?

Dude has disappeared like Riley’s playbook in the 2nd half of Bedlam. At last night’s Regents Meeting, OU Prez Joe Harroz provided a little update:

22 Days Until Christmas

Don’t let all the stress of the coaching search distract you from the fact that you’ve done 0 Christmas Shopping. Let us help with that:

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