That Cringeworthy Lincoln Riley Video, but with Curb Your Enthusiasm music.


There is a clip of a USC press conference going around that is so bad that you can’t not watch it. It appears to be a pep rally of some sort for Lincoln Riley, but it is just a hot mess of cringe. After watching it a few (dozen) times, it thought it would work better with some Curb Your Enthusiasm end credits. Enjoy!

No idea what is going on here, though we’re only given a couple of minutes of video in the original. USC Media Team appears to have taken less time to plan this thing than Mr Muleshoe did when he decided to take the USC job.

If you really want to punish yourself and watch the original, you can check it out below:

18 Days Til Christmas

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  1. Have been a big fan of Coach Riley since he came to OU. I’ve made excuses for his leaving, such as “doing what was best for his family”. It now seems as this shot show grows older, a more sinister side of our former coach. It would appear that several recruits were aware far in advance of the move. One recruit says Coach Manning recruited him for USC while he was still employed at OU. I’m disappointed in Coach Riley, but as the days pass, more comes out, the happier I am that he is no longer a Sooner. Sometimes, you can’t go home. Remember that, Coach Riley.

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