The first commit of Brent Venables’ head coaching career hit early on Monday, and it was a big one. Nick Evers, the #4 ranked dual-threat QB in the country announced his commitment this morning with the tweet below. The 4-Star, 2022 pledge had visited OU over the weekend, and was previously committed to Florida.

BV Wins the Mom Vote

Later in the morning, Nick’s mother Monica, who also attended the OU campus visit along with Nick’s younger sister, made an interesting comment about Venables, and his impact not only with recruits and their parents, but with their entire families:

The Social Media Halo is Rusty for You Know Who

Meanwhile, he who shall not be named, is seeing the downside of Twitter. Mr Muleshoe, whose prodigious use of Twitter while at Oklahoma, has used the platform to great effect. He often tweeted just the ‘eyes’ emoji 👀, when an OU recruiting announcement was about to break, much to the joy of Sooner faithful.

Now having departed for the Mecca of College Football, he’s been mostly quiet on social media, preferring to let the commit flips speak for themselves. This weekend, however, he fired up his now trademark single-emoji tweet engine, only this time with the two-fingers ✌️, alluding to the USC ‘fight on’ gesture.

Safe to say OU fans haven’t forgotten, as things didn’t go all that well with the tweet. We won’t post the original tweet or the responses here, because who needs that? But, it go so bad that he or someone on the media team, resorted to locking responses to the tweet to only those being followed by you-know-who. LOL. Maybe still a little ‘two’ soon.

Brian Kelly Still Weird

We’ll leave you with another oddity from LSU’s Coach Brian Kelly. 100 mil makes you do some weird things, huh. What on earth.

12 Day Til Christmas

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