Dec 29, 2021; San Antonio, Texas, USA; Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Caleb Williams (13) throws a pass during the first half of the 2021 Alamo Bowl against the Oregon Ducks at the Alamodome. Mandatory Credit: Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports

We know that Caleb Williams has entered the transfer portal to explore his options. Understandable, considering that his head coach that originally drew him to Norman last year, has bailed on him and his team. It’s also clear that the coaching changes that Oklahoma made with HC Venables, OC Lebby and others, hasn’t dissuaded him from at least testing the waters of free agency.

And now, mere hours after his announcement, former UCLA née UCF QB Dillon Gabriel has announced his plans to transfer in, reuniting with Lebby, his former OC at Central Florida.

So, a lot of moving parts! Given all this, what is your confidence level that Caleb Williams ultimately returns to OU? If you pick ‘other’, tell us your thoughts in the comments at the bottom!

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How confident are you that Caleb Williams is staying at OU?
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  1. I think it’s foregone that he’s gone. He’s either going to SEC or to play for the dirtbag at USC. This is all about NIL money and part of how it’s going to ruin college sports. Oklahoma will weather the storm as only they can.

  2. This portal crap us to be slowed down or stopped. Reinstate the one year wait. That should do it. The NIL is just old shore a new way to legally buy players. Who thought this was a good idea!!!!! Idiots!!!!

    • I knew when they came up with the idea it was going to benefit the more populated states unless they put a cap on the amount of NIL, and the transfers should have to wait a year to play!

  3. After being Blessed with what he was able to achieve at OU and still entered the portal, tells me that LR is blowing him up. I say good riddance, hope you have fun trying to achieve the same at USC.common sense should tell him that it’s not going to happen overnight, USC might be Good again in a few years, probably after he is gone. GOODBYE GOODBYE

  4. If a player doesn’t think OU can get them ready for the NFL he is sadly mistaken. If a player is good enough to get drafted by the NFL it doesn’t matter where they play. NIL money is short term, NFL money can change the life of generations. We want players at OU who want to play for OU. BOOMER SOONER


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