In what should be a surprise to absolutely no one, it sure looks like the Williams family is headed out. According to Twitter user SoonerP1, Caleb’s dad, Carl, was seen over the weekend loading the family truckster, along with various goods, on a flatbed trailer.

Did anyone see this coming? Turns out quite a lot of you — in our recent poll of nearly 90% of the Sooner Nation thought CW was most likely gone – and nearly half of you said there was no chance he’d be suiting up for OU next season. Looks pretty accurate.

What’s Next For Caleb

Who knows! We just wish him well. So many schools have been listed as landing places for Carl, err Caleb, that there’s not point in listing them here. Instead, another option has emerged for the star QB!


Momma Evers from the top rope!

Incoming Sooner Nicco Evers’ mom has given us the best response to this whole situation. Monica is quickly becoming one of the best Sooner Follows! SoonerBill gave her the WWE Treatment below.

A Sooner Will Win the Super Bowl

After one of the wildest, funnest, awesomeist NFL postseason weekends ever, here’s another interesting item for Sooner Fans. A former Sooner is on the roster of all remaining teams, therefore we’ll have a Sooner guaranteed to win a Super Bowl ring this weekend. Another interesting tidbit – this was true even before that epic Buffalo – KC game went final.

Take our Poll: Which Sooners will win the Super Bowl?

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